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Why Choose Excess Logic For Your IT Asset Recovery:

Regardless of what industry you’re working in, you can make certain of one thing- you have surplus resources consuming up room some place in your building or storage space. Each association manages surplus hardware, regardless of whether it’s from obsolete equipment that will never again being utilized or excess machinery that still has value.

If your company looks to you to dispose of out-dated or unwanted IT equipment, give us a call at Excess Logic to discuss options for your IT Asset Recovery. If you’ve recently acquired the position of managing your company’s surplus resources, we can help you determine whether your equipment has resale value- and if it does, we can manage every phase of the sale and share the profits with you. Consider just a few reasons why we are the go-to agency for IT Asset Recovery:

We offer extraordinary resource recuperation administrations to the San Francisco and encompassing region. Our pros can free up space that is currently being occupied by assets that no longer hold value, or those which can be turned into cashflow for your corporation.

We have ties within the resale community, meaning we are at an advantage to help you to recoup three fold the amount for your equipment through pitching straightforwardly to intrigued purchasers who are searching for a specific sort of equipment. Membership has its benefits.

We understand your need for discretion when it comes to your company’s sensitive information and we’ll take the required steps to ensure all of your data is deleted and destroyed to your complete satisfaction. You’ll receive a maximized return on your equipment because we provide effective and cost-efficient service.

Most corporations believe deleting their data is enough to provide security for their sensitive information. For master information demolition you need to work with an organization that that is trustworthy. We are certified to provide data sanitization to permanently and irreversibly move and destroy your hard drive data to ensure there is no usable residual information for recovery. Contact us to discuss our methods or visit us online to learn more about our data destruction process.


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Don’t take chances when it comes to IT Asset Recovery. We’re the #1 local agency businesses call for effortless pickup, storage and sale of your surplus equipment. We make recovery of your investment simple and affordable. Visit our website and click our ‘Services’ link, then select IT Asset Disposition to learn why we are the local preferred agency.

Call our team at 650-307-7553 and we’ll dispatch a technician who will work to remarket your hardware that can be sold, and appropriately discard the equipment that has no value on the market. If you prefer to drop off your assets at our facility, you’ll find we are conveniently located in Fremont, Ca. Let us turn your excess equipment into a reliable source of cash flow you can count on month after month. Give us a call today.

Recycling Obsolete and Unwanted IT Gear

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Use Excess Logic for your IT asset recovery needs

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