Preventing Black Mold in the Bathroom

Mold removal experts know that non-ventilated bathrooms can be especially prone to buildups of black mold. This is because mold thrives in moist environments. Bathrooms without fans or windows, therefore, are perfect environments for mold to grow. Black mold in the bathroom is dangerous. At Indianapolis Mold Remediation, we are skilled in taking certain steps to limit the moisture and humidity in a non-ventilated bathroom. Providing quality black mold in the bathroom removal services to clients throughout the area, we know how to keep black mold in the bathroom at bay.


What is Black Mold?

Stachybotrys  chart arum, more commonly called black mold, is a serious problem. In spite of its similar appearance to every other type of dark mold, black mold has some distinct characteristics. Black mold usually has a slimy appearance. In addition to its black color, black mold has a dark-green or gray appearance.

Where Does Black Mold Grow?

Black mold often grows in places where there has been a water leak hidden from view.  This could be a leak inside the walls, above the ceiling, under floors, or by windows, especially on the seal between the window and the frame.  Since black mold needs a lot of moisture for a long time before it can grow, drying wet surfaces, reducing humidity and regular cleanings are suggested.


For avoiding mold in a bathroom with no ventilation, follow these steps:

Buy A Portable Dehumidifier

A portable dehumidifier will help to remove moisture from the air. Running it in the bathroom, especially when taking a shower, will make the room less hospitable to mold.

Open Doors

If you live alone or are typically alone when taking a shower, leaving the door slightly ajar will help provide the necessary ventilation. While this is not the type of habit a person will likely get into if they have housemates or guests, it can be very effective for those who live by themselves.


Using Cooler Water

While it is still important to ensure that your showers are comfortable, water that isn’t too hot is a good way to avoid mold. Mold requires moisture to grow, which is provided by a warmer water source.

How to Address a Black Mold in the Bathroom Infestation

If you find black mold in your bathroom, it does not mean it is destined to disappear. Applying black mold removal chemicals in the affected areas, and using moisture absorbers to protect the surface, can help you to remove and prevent surface regrowth. However, since black mold is so dangerous to humans, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to remove or remediate it. It is likely that black mold has taken hold of your sheetrock if it appears on the bathroom surfaces, and that it requires more attention than simply a topical cleanser. In case the black mold has invaded too much of your bathroom for remediation to be effective