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Wetland Flood Plain Birmingham

Most people, if not all, want to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. To achieve this, we must take steps to protect wetlands. That is especially important for individuals looking to put up buildings close to waterways and wetlands. At Poly, Inc., we understand the importance of wetland protection. We work with individuals and a variety of organizations to help preserve the environment and make developments feasible. We focus on wetland flood plain in Birmingham to ensure that all developmental projects are sustainable. Our staff is trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated to preventing environmental degradation.

Our Wetland Permitting and Mitigation Services

Here are some of our wetlands permitting and mitigation services:

  • Site Selection

During wetland mitigation, it is crucial to choose the right site. We are a uniquely qualified team that guides our clients through site selection. There are many issues that you should consider before picking a location. You need to think about water rights and carry out groundwater investigations. You should also consider general site constraints and pre-existing site constraints. Having us on your team will see to it that you do not have problems in the later stages of your project. 

  • Wetland Mitigation Design

Mitigation design requires the input of different experts, and that is what we bring to the table. We have some of the best hydrologists, biologists, and geologists. Our team considers the site selected and the surrounding development to be able to create a mitigation plan in line with the local regulations. They will also advise you on various stream and wetland restoration approaches. Having our environmental firm in Birmingham on your side will help you make the right choices.

  • Environmental Protection Act Compliance

Our team has experience supporting various areas of the environmental planning process, including sensitive and complex projects. We’re committed to making sure that the level of analysis corresponds to a specific project.

  • Negotiating with Regulatory Bodies

We aim to keep all developments environmentally friendly. That said, when our clients come in, we wish to make the mitigation and permitting process smooth and hassle-free. Proper negotiation will save you money and time later as your project will not be delayed. While you may not be an authority, our experts can mitigate on your behalf using a strategy that will lead to no net loss of the wetlands.

  • Permitting

Our staff comprises permitting experts and has been involved in wetland and water permitting for a long time. They can, therefore, give you insights into the process so that you better understand it. We work with homeowners and corporations to deal with all permitting issues. We also work closely with our clients to develop risk management plans (RMPs) that will ensure minimal impact on the environment. That makes the permitting process quick and therefore saves you money.

Here for You

At Poly, Inc., we are a reputable company specializing in mitigation and permitting in wetland flood plain in Birmingham. Our company is customer-focused, and we will work with you to make sure that the mitigation and permitting process is seamless. If you are looking for mitigation and permitting services, call us on 334-793-4700, or toll-free on 888-793-4700.

Wetland Flood Plain Birmingham

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