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Wooden Floor Conditioning Houston

Boone’s Restoration Technologies is known throughout Houston for providing affordable disaster cleanup and restoration services. When it comes to disaster cleanup and restoring, we do it all – top to bottom! However, you don’t have to wait until there’s a storm, a flood, or a plumbing catastrophe to call us, especially if you’re looking for wooden floor conditioning in Houston! This is a service that we typically provide for homeowners who have had either man-made or natural disasters, but we also offer this as a standalone service. Call us today to get a quote.

When you call Boone’s Restoration Technologies for wooden floor conditioning in Houston, TX, we’ll send someone to your home to assess the damage. We’ll give you a quote and explain the steps we plan to take to condition your floor. We can start whenever you are ready, and our team works quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Why Condition Your Wooden Floor?

The first step in your home is the first impression of your home. Today, hardwood flooring is a popular choice because it can enhance any room. However, a wooden floor that has been subjected to too much foot traffic, water saturation, or other forms of wear and tear can begin to show signs of aging and become an eyesore in your home. Every now and again, your wooden floor needs conditioning to look its best.

The beauty of hardwood floors is really threefold:

1. They are beautiful
2. They are environmentally-friendly
3. They can last for generations

People love hardwood floors, in part, because they are attracted to the idea of making a one-time flooring investment and having a long-term payoff. But like any other investment, there is work and upkeep required to keep your wooden floor in tip-top shape for years to come. Unfortunately, that coveted richness, warmth, and depth that a conditioned and brand-new-looking wooden floor provides begins to diminish with scuffs, scratches, knicks, and cracks.

Are You Putting Your Home on the Market

In a comprehensive case study where 100 Texas real estate agents were polled, the following information was discovered:

1. 82% believe the homes with conditioned hardwood floors are easier to sell than homes with other floor types.

2. 80% said that homes with finished wood floors sell faster than homes with other types of floors.

3. 90% said that homes with conditioned hardwood floors sell for more money.

Contact Boone’s Restoration Technologies

If you are thinking about installing a new floor or installing carpet, think twice! Call Boone’s Restoration Technologies first. We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that we can make any old wooden floor look like brand-new again!

Contact us via phone or email, and let us know what your problem is. If you need wooden floor conditioning in Houston, you will discover that Boone’s Restoration Technologies offers an affordable, high-quality solution.

Wooden Floor Conditioning Houston

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